(4) Rewards payout*


  • Earn a Rewards Payout by taking HealthiActions that lead to measurably improved health outcomes.
  • Additionally, if approved by the Program Sponsor, earn a Reversal Rewards for reversing prediabetes (A1C below 5.7%) or Type 2 diabetes (A1C below 6.5%)

3) Compete in contests and learn


  • Join regular videocalls for coaching, team discussions and starting and ending team contests
  • Watch short videos and take quizzes
  • Earn HealthiBucks for taking Rewarding HealthiActions in individual and team contests
  • Set Mini-Goals and track progress on key biometrics and behaviors over time

(2) Set your personalized goals


  • Submit your starting numbers and evidence 
  • Select healthy, achievable targets from the options Healthiby provides, based on your unique health profile and risks
  • Behavioral and biometric goals include:  steps, weight, A1C, blood pressure and/or blood cholesterol

(1) Getting Started


  • Find out if you qualify by taking the Eligibility Survey (1-3 minutes)
  • Complete an On-Boarding Survey to create your health profile and preferences (10 – 20 minutes)

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